Webstar Web Guiding & Expanding

This is a webstar which has expanding function.
Web guiding and expanding abilities can be obtained at a time.

WEX-100 / WEX-200

Type with a widening function smooth out the wrinkles in Webster, you can at the same time.

This machine is Webster combines the expander function. Spread outward sequentially between left and right slide bar is split into two in the middle half-turn to return to the rotation center in the second half. In the range of 180 ° to reach the maximum stroke from beginning to spread outside the slide bar, if you pass away enters the unit is the sheet product, the expander function wrinkle stretches along the spread of the slide bar to demonstrate. Like the WB series, run the meandering correction detection signal of the sensor to control the amount of movement of the slide bar to the left and right direction.

Techinal Data

surface length
of slats
maximum slope
amount of slide
slide speed
The amount
of widening
WEX-100 ~ 2400mm φ190 Eight each L / R ± 5.5 ° ± 40mm 40mm/sec 20mm
WEX-200 ~ 3200mm φ190 Eight each L / R ± 5.5 ° ± 40mm 50mm/sec 20mm