Pinch Expander


A pair of rolls is positioned at each edge of the web so that it spreads out the wrinkles of web by changing the angle of rolls.

Easy to use and maintenance due to simple principle and structure.
PINCH EXPANDER nips each edge of the web in the outer angle to the running direction and thus generates the expanding power.
Self-alining mechanism maintains the equal nipping pressure.

For the very simple principle, the structure, it is easy handling and maintenance.
If you add the angle to the direction of travel for the nip roll just at the end of the web, there is a force to spread outwards web. In addition, because of the automatic centering mechanism, holds the power even nip.

Technical Data

Movable roll φ30 (φ29) x100mm 
urethane rubber (SUS304)
Fixed roles φ30 (φ29) x100mm 
urethane rubber (SUS304)
Nip pressure 3 ~ 5N

Pneumatic cylinder

When you nip the web, you can also be opened and closed by an air cylinder roll. It is possible to nip the web without human intervention or a remote location, even in tight spaces.

All specifications SUS

There is also a type using a heat-resistant parts made ​​of SUS 250 ℃ temperature, drip-proof, chemical resistance specifications.
SUS304: key components material
fluorine rubber material: roll