FS Roller

FS ROLLER has center-divided grooves, whoose angle and depth are carefully calculated, on its soft NBR rubber surface to gain plenty of expanding power. The wrinkles are eliminated by means of outer bending of the roller generated by tension of the web.
There are two types of rollers (Bearing: built-in type and outside type).

To very soft rubber, but the groove carved on the center by the angle and depth were calculated. In the film pressure, the web such as paper, for the outside surface of roll deflection angle to the direction of the groove, except outside the wrinkles of the web.


  • does not give the extra tension to the web.
  • You can also use at high speed.
  • Consider the wrinkles of the entire evenly.

Technical Data

Roll length (L) 1000-2500
Roll diameter (φD) φ80, 100,130,150
Total length (TL) +200 Roll length

Leather, paper, film thickness Film, metal foil, non-woven fabrics