Centering Sensor

TK centering sensor detects center position of web materials.
Once installed, there is no need to change sensor position even if width of the web changes.

Center position can be offset at will via parameter settings.
Sensor heads are available in either split or compact type, and size of compact type can be selected according to actual range of web width.


  • It has been housed in a body-integrated detection of left and right part, it is easy to mount.
  • minimum of the web, we offer the widest variety as.


  • Use only one pair left and right.
  • The compact body, one side has a detection range of 464mm.

Technical Data

Ambient temperature using 0 ~ 50 ℃
Light source Infrared light emitting diode
Light receiving element Silicon photo diode
Linearity ± 1.5%
Cable 10m cable only

PCDA-80 (MF)

The switching function of edge control (CPC) and control center with built-in function alarm output (roll out) off the web and PCDA-80, the position of the drive unit features and traverse further PCDA-80-was added the ability to control are two types of MF there.

Technical Data

Ambient temperature using 0 ~ 50 ℃
Power AC200 ~ 240V 50/60Hz, 50VA
Control output DC0 ~ ± 10V (10mA max)
Photo relay 
AC/DC24V, resistance 50mA, ON: 35Ω (max) 
only Y0
AC/DC24V, resistance 50mA, ON: 35Ω (max) 
Y0 ~ Y4, FL, FR, BL, BR
Analog input (Not used) DC0 ~ ± 10V
Contact input Contact or open collector input 
X0, X1
Contact or open collector input 
X0 ~ X5, CL, CR
Input position detection Position detector (2KΩ)
Sensor adaptation PCDD-S50, PCDD-65, PCDD-45, PCDD-52, PCDD-50, PCD-20, PCD-31
Fuse use 250V/3A, 250V/0.1A
Mass Approximately 5kg