FLUORO(Chemical Paint Food)



  • Excellent medical durability
  • Conformed to Notification of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare No.201 & No.267
  • Thanks to water-repellent inner surface, easy to wash
  • It’s safe and easy for connecting to equipments (when using Shime-TAC for TAC FLUORO)
  • Thanks to all plastics structure,it’s light weight Feature of fluorine hose (fluororesin layer is adopted to inner surface of the hose)
  • Thanks to the tetrafluoride resin, chemical reaction causes hardly and excellent in chemical resistance
  • Thanks to excellent water-repellence, easy to clean
  • Elution resistance enables restraining deterioration and conforms to Notification of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare


  • For suction and delivery
  • For transportation of chemicals
  • For transportation of foodstuffs
  • Not suitable for medical and medicinal use.
  • It cannot be guarantee in the use of that. Not suitable for powder and granule.
TAC FLUORO-A with a ground wire

Caution This hose will be built-to-order

Fluid Water・hot water、Solvent, paint、Food、Chemical (including pure water)、Oils
Material fluorin resin (inside), PVC (outside)
Temperature -10~50
  • Conforms to Ministry of Health,Labour and Welfare Notifications
  • Nonadhesive・Having transparency
  • Excellent medical durability
  • Low odor
Standard Dimensions and Properties
※Please inquire to us about nipples except of the above.

Nominal diameter T W H Bolt size
25 81 50 46 M8
38 97 60 61 M8
50 108 65 75 M8


Example of hose installation