KEEEN – Oil Absorbent

Product Information

  • Designed to be used in situation where oil is mixed with water and there is a need to remove the oil from the water; Fat Block Clarifier, Oil leaking or maintenance, Oil spills caused by ship accidents in oceans or rivers
  • Biodegradable and can be incinerated
  • Light weight and easy handling
  • Environmentally safe and cost effective
  • Natural fiber that absorbs oil


  • Pellet/Board: use on unspecific dirty areas for routine maintenance
  • Sock/Boom: use to encircle machine where there is leaking to prevent oil / fluid from spilling out onto walkways or into open drains

Oil Absorbent absorb these and more:

Benzene, Gasoline, Cutting Fluids, Fuel Oils, Jet fuel, Lubricating Oil, Glycols, Diesel, Hydraulic Oil, Skydrol, Grease, and Motor Oil