EZwire ministry wiring system
Name Specification Model
Main body of EZwire Terminal stand type AB00XB-16U
Multipoint type enhanced with connector AB07-T
I/O terminal Non-insulation (eight points of input eight points/output) AC00XB-16U
Connector Enhancing connector for input signal line For input signal (32 points) UCE-32SMI
Enhancing connector for output signal line For output signal (32 points) UCE-32PMI
End connector It connects it with the final edge of the enhancing connector. CNE-ED
Cable Connector cable Extending line of enhancing [konetaku] (7) CNE-05-07
Extending line of enhancing [konetaku] (15) CNE-05-15
EZ cable Between AB07T and enhancing connector (1m) EZCNE-05-1K
Between AB07T and enhancing connector (2m) EZCNE-05-2K

ANYWIRE Open Terminal – AB00XB

Making to conserve wiring in board and in machine.

Two or more signals are consolidated in two lines.

Main body of AB00XB-16U EZwire specification

Kind Main body of Ezwire
Connected specification Screw type terminal stand
I/O number Digital input eight points and digital output eight points
Product model AB00XB-16U
Use power supply DC24V+15–10% ripple 0.5Vp-p or less
About 0.4A or less in current(Neither a terminal load current nor an external load current are contained. )
Input specification Transistor input input resistance: 5.6k? and input current: 2.1mA max at 5.1 mAmin. OFF when turning it on.
The voltage level between input: 7V max at 16 V min. OFF when turning it on.
Output specification Open collector output output ON current: 100mA max . /road once
Residual voltage: 1V max and leakage of current: 0.1mA max and electric strength: 30V
Connecting cable Conserve distributing cable: Two general-purpose wicks (VCTF 0.75-2.1mm2) Two general-purpose electric wire wicks( 0.75?2.1mm2)I/O cable : [Yoshin] 0.32-2.1mm
Acceptable [acchaku] terminal: Round terminal, 6mm or less in outside diameter of terminal Y, and hole diameter 3.2mm
Connected the number 40 or less
Conserve wiring connection distance 50m or less
Conserve wiring transmission cycle time 1.7 Ms/40 point(one cycle time)
Connection status Bus form
Ambient temperature of use 0+55(-20-+75 in preservation temperature)
Use surroundings humidity 10-90%RH(dewfall)
Atmosphere Causticity gas flammability gas
Externals size[mm] 140-40-60
Protection grade IP20

The main specification on CC-Link side

Version CC-Link Ver.1.10/Ver.2.00(switch with switch)
Bureau kind Remote device bureau
Number of occupation bureaux Four games
Remote exchange number Exchange number setting range 1 -61(Become four game occupation from the exchange number setting. )
Number of remote devices Input: 896 point or less output: 896 points or less(The Ver.2.0 8 time is set. )
Input: 112 point or less output: 112 points or less(Ver.1.1)
Remote register point Input: 128 point or less output: 128 points or less(The Ver.2.0 8 time is set. )
Input: 16 point or less output: 16 points or less(Ver.1.1)
Transmission speed 10M/5M/2.5M/625K/156Kbps (switch with switch)
Transmission distance 100m(10Mbps) 160m(5Mbps) 400m(2.5Mbps) 900m(625kbps) 1200m(156kbps)
The CC-Link connection number (For Ver.1. ) 1 × a) + (2 ×b ) + (3 ×c ) + (4 ×d ) ≦64 game The number of a :1 game occupation bureau, the number of b
:2 game occupation bureau, the number of c :3 game occupation bureau, and the number of d :4 game occupation bureau
16 ×A +54 ×B +88 ×C ≦2304
A: Remote I/O bureau 64 or less ..number ・・
B: Remote device bureau 42 or less ..number ・・
C: Local bureau 26 or less ..number ・・
Connecting cable Cable for CC-Link(3 with shield wick twisted-pair cable)

ANYWIRE Open Terminal – AB07-T

Solution parts EZwire of machine system.

The I/O number of EZwire is enhanced up to 256 points.

Main body of EZwire multipoint type specification

Kind Main body of EZwire multipoint type
Product model AB07-T
Power supply 24VDC
The maximum feeding power current 2A
Power consumption 2.5W
Communication display Red LED(Blink with the synchronized signal. )
State display Red LED(The state of input/output is displayed. )
Ambient temperature of use 0~ +55℃(:-20-+75℃ when preserving it)
Use surroundings humidity 10- 90%RH (dewfall)(When preserving it: 10- 90%RH. )
Material Main body: PPE・V0 class
Externals size[mm] 100×40×27.5
Proof vibration It conforms to JIS C 0040.
Noise-proof 1200Vp-p(pulse width 1μs)
Weight 90g
Protection grade IP20

EZwire specification

Connection status Bus form(T divergence method and tree divergence method)
Connection IO point It matches and the I/O 256 points or less.
Connected the number 128 or less (Change by the current consumption of the each number. )
Transmission cycle time
(one cycle time value) 2.7 4.8ms/IO256 ms/IO128 point-point
Note) 1-2 cycle times of transmission [saikuritaimu] according to timing.
Conserve distributing cable General-purpose electric wire ×2(0.75~2.0sq)
Maximum transmission distance When you use the ratings 24V: 50m. (1.25sq electric wire)
Condition: 2A in load current relay drive ability distance)
Conserve wiring cable feeding power maximum current 2A
Power supply setting voltage DC26.4V(DC24V ratings power supply)
Range of EZwireI/O terminal use voltage DC17V~27V(DC24V ratings power supply)
EZwireI/O terminal load service voltage -1V in terminal use voltage(DC24V ratings power supply)