Introduction to TERAL

TERAL is a renowned multi-national Pumps, Fans, & Motor manufacturer, headquartered & main plant in Fukuyama, JAPAN.

The company has been established for almost a century, Teral began by manufacturing and selling pump products in 1918. Since that time, we have been able to expand the scope of our products, including our first manufacturing and sales of fans and air blowers in 1955 and total heat exchangers in 1971. As a result, Teral products are currently flourishing in every area of society, from deep underground to the roofs of skyscrapers. Teral ideas are supporting lives in out – of – sight places you wouldn’t expect.

We have been using cutting-edge technology to manufacture HIGH QUALITY and EFFICIENT pumps and industrial fans.

Creating the future with water & air, upto and from this point onward

Air and water are the basis of all life.

Teral hopes to maintain the quality of water and air, something which people do not often, or consciously, notice, and create smiles on peoples’ faces. Since the inception of the company in 1918 we have developed technologies which allow for the provision of air and water in the optimum forms, and provided products and systems which continually meet the new demands of the industrial world.

Teral has pursued the creation of products which contribute to the realization of a recycling society, where the earth’s future is taken into consideration while developing an industrial society and where human can live comfortably. We have maintained this way of thinking from long in the past, even before the current cries of dangers to the global environment began.