TAKEDA, TKD Rotary Joint

R1000 – R1100 Series

With a specially developed air-tight, carbon-sealing mechanism, sophisticated bellows and rugged ball bearings, the R-1000 Series Rotary Joint ensure not only outstanding sealing ability but also versatility. They operate at peak performance at high speed, high temperature and high pressure and do not leak even when high and low temperature operation is conducted alternatively.

R2000 Series

The TKD R2000 Series Rotary Joints have low rotation resistance at high speed operation and are economical to operate. Their unique sealed ball bearing mechanism eliminates the need for lubrication and they have a high resistance to corrosion in the area than comes in contact with fluid due to the use of a teflon coated aluminium alloy, specially formulated resins, a copper alloy and stainless steel. Their special design allows for easy maintenance and the joints are lighter and more compact.

R2300 Series

The TKD R-2300 Rotary joints Series can be divided into two main types, AR & BR. The AR type is used mainly for coolants and the BR type for higher temperatures. However, if the conditions allow, these joints can be used for a wide range of applications like low temperature steam, hot water, hot oil, as well as coolant, ammonia, brine, or compressed air and vacuum. The TKD R-2300 Ceramic Series has excellent sealing properties and low torque under high-speed revolutions and fulfills all our criteria for a stable, low friction, static electricity free seal. This ceramic seal is the result of years of research and experience into the benefits of a double seal and “polishing methods”.

R3000 Series

The TKD R-3000 Series Rotary Joints are lubrication-free, easy maintenance type with a spherical double seal structure which has a stable capacity to handle easy-to-leak fluids in high pressure and high temperature conditions.

R3700 Series

The TKD R-3700 Rotary Joints Series are high performance, non-lubrication type rotary joints that guarantee efficient operation in high temperature and high pressure conditions. Given the widest possible supporting area and distance between the fulcra, the two bearings enhance the stabilized sealing effect and facilitate maintenance.

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