Known familiarly for “OJIDEN” brand products, we are a manufacturer dedicated exclusively to the production of foot switches. Throughout the past 50 years, we have devoted ourselves to the pursuit of safety, economy, and quality in our products as a leading company of the industry, attaining ready acceptance in such widely ranging fields as machine tooling, medicine, woodworking, construction, sewing, facilities installation, instrumentation, household, conveyance, and transportation (trains, buses).

We have a number of programs under way for quality improvement as an operator of an ISO9001-certified factory. Certified also under KES (Environment Management Standard) and with TUV-certified products in our lineup of foot switches, we are known for the high reliability of our products extensively adopted by a variety of companies.

Our safety/security switches also come in all shapes, sizes, and types (e.g., tape switches, mat switches) so that our customers may select switches that are perfectly suited to specific applications and locations of use for enhanced safety and security.