The times are changing day by day. It changes while accelerating from so far and it is improving. It answered in the form of the product and in the request of where we are all the time needed in now of the customer, it came. We make “Dispense” “Align” “Wind” “Spread” a key word and send many products to the world. As well as we do not receive satisfaction from actual situation, we study personally and polish ourselves. We respond to expectations by zest, sincerity and invention, using accumulated all our own technology. The feelings to want to be useful won’t change, however the times may change. We are trying to send the product which it is possible to be glad about when permitted to use, being the company for which it is possible to be glad when permitted to associate all the time. We hope when partaking of being moved with the customer and wanting to continue to be the company which can contribute for the human society which improves for the new future.


The dispensing of a various pouch is our duty. We processes one by one surely and we grants the wish of the customer.
Besides, we help with the dispensing of various kinds of cards and trays, too.
In a variety of fields of the all the countries, the wide range, we play an active part by the supply of the pouch.


We do the assisting of troubled everybody’s by the meander of the sheets such as the paper and the film to flow through.
We are useful in the various countries in the Japanese suburbs such as China, Taiwan in addition to domestic.
We answer the ordering of the wind and the unwind unit to have incorporated a meander control system and an air shaft into, too.


The core axis in being essential for ” the work of the wind ” such as the wind and the unwind.
We are the professional manufacturer of the air shaft (AIREX SHAFT) which facilitates the changing work of the raw fabric.
We answer the ordering of the winding and unwinding unit to have incorporated an air shaft and a meander control system into, too.


We provide a sensible solution to any WRINKLE problem by spreading or expanding a traveling web such as a woven fabric, a nonwoven, a glassfiber, paper, a plastic film, a foil and the like. In this connection, we provide a super lineup of “Wrinkle Removing Rolls” for various applications.