M-SYSTEM products such as Isolate & Converter, Alarm, Power Measurement, Recorder, Remote I/O, Surge Protection, Panel Indicator and other high quality electronic equipment.

Mini-M Series

Compact Signal Conditioners
Mini-MW Series Signal Splitters
PC Programmable
4-Wire, Two isolated outputs

  • Wide selection of I/O ranges
  • Fill-in-the-blank programming with PC based configurator (M2X)
  • Two independent ranges can be specified with signal splitters
  • High-speed 180 microsec. type available
  • 2000 Vac isolation
  • Base socket included with modules

M5 / B5 / W5 Series

Low Cost, Low Profile, Compact Modules
Two isolated outputs

  • Only 41 mm (1.6 in.) deep modules can be installed anywhere, even behind a panel cover.
  • 2000 Vac isolation

M3L / M3S / B3 Series

Super-Slim Isolator
PC Programming & “One-Step Cal” Universal I/O
Super-Slim Isolator, Fixed Range & PC Programmable Type
Output Loop Powered, DIP Switch Configurable

  • Wide selection of I/O ranges
  • Wide supply voltage range

M6 Series

Ultra-Slim Isolator

  • Selectable connection method – Euro terminal, Screw terminal or Tension-Clamp
  • Output load resistance 550W (at 4-20 mAdc)
  • The M6 Series is designed that ensuring low power consumption. The front Power LED provided
  • 2000 Vac isolation

Input Loop Powered Isolators

  • No external power source required
  • One channel or two channels

DC Inputs, Isolators

M2SN Input Loop Powered Isolator
M2XU Universal Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2XUM Universal Transmitter (PC-programmable; Modbus-RTU communication)
M2XV2 Signal Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2XV Signal Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2LV Signal Transmitter (field- and PC-configurable)
M2VS Signal Transmitter
M2VF Signal Transmitter (high speed response)
M2VF2 Signal Transmitter (ultra-high speed response; isolated)
M2VV Voltage Divider

Temperature & Sensor Inputs

M2XT2 Thermocouple Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2TS Thermocouple Transmitter
M2XR2 RTD Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2LR RTD Transmitter (field- and PC-configurable)
M2RS RTD Transmitter
M2RR Resistance/Resistance Converter
M2XM2 Potentiometer Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2XM Potentiometer Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2LPM Potentiometer Transmitter (field- and PC-configurable)
M2MS Potentiometer Transmitter
M2LCS Strain Gauge Transmitter
M2TG Tachogenerator Transmitter
M2AC AC Transmitter
M2PA PT Transmitter (average)
M2PE PT Transmitter (RMS, isolated)
M2CA CT Transmitter (average)
M2CE CT Transmitter (RMS)
M2CEC AC Current Transmitter (clamp-on current sensor)

DC Supplies

M2D Current Loop Supply (non-isolated)
M2D2 Current Loop Supply (non-isolated)
M2DYS Current Loop Supply (isolated)
M2DY Current Loop Supply
M2DL Current Loop Supply (square root output)
M2DNY Current Loop Supply (with square root extractor; isolated)
M2DYH Current Loop Supply (applicable to HART signal)
M2DU Current Loop Supply (10-50mA loop)

Pneumatic Transducers

M2PV P/I Transducer

Limit Alarms

M2AVS DC Alarm
M2SED DC Alarm (thumbwheel setpoint adjustments)
M2AS DC Alarm (thumbwheel setpoint adjustments; DPDT output)
M2AS1 DC Alarm (thumbwheel setpoint adjustments; single SPDT output)

Frequency I/O

M2XPA3 Frequency Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2XPA2 Frequency Transmitter (PC programmable)
M2SP Low Frequency Transmitter
M2XRP2 Encoder Speed Transmitter (PC programmable; built-in escitation)
M2AP DC/Frequency Converter
M2PP Pulse Isolator
M2PRU Pulse Scaler (selectable range)

M2ADS Adder
M2SBS Subtractor
M2MLS Multiplier
M2DIS Divider
M2REB Ratio/Bias Transmitter (output bias)
M2RTS Ratio/Bias Transmitter (input bias)
M2XF2 Linearizer (PC programmable)
M2XF Linearizer (PC programmable)
M2FL Square Root Extractor
M2FLS Square Root Extractor (isolated)
M2LMS Limiter
M2UDS Inverted Output Transmitter
M2CDS Delay Buffer
M2CRS Ramp Buffer
M2AMS Track/Hold
M2PHS Peak Hold
M2SES2 High/Low Selector (with simple loop test output)
M2SES High/Low Selector

Installation Base

M2BS-16U0 Installation Base (16 positions, Screw terminal block)
M2BS-16U1 Installation Base (16 positions, Fujitsu FCN type I/O connector)
M2BS-16U2 Installation Base (16 positions, Omron I/O connector)
M2BS-8U1 Installation Base (8 positions, Fujitsu FCN type I/O connector)
M2BS-8U2 Installation Base (8 positions, Omron I/O connector)
M2BS2 Installation Base (for 61-UNIT series analog I/O modules)
M2BC Communication Controller (Mitsubishi Control & Communication Link use)
M2BD Communication Controller (DeviceNet use)