A wide range of line-up to meet the diverse needs

Can respond to a wide variety of environments and applications
offers a wide range of products.
Not only standard products, Please leave the manufacturing of custom-made goods.
A rich line-up and high technology, and to meet every need.

Furibea – FREEBEAR

High quality and high performance to meet the needs

Our unique precision technology, superior strength and smooth implementation of the rotation. In a variety of variations and reliable transport technology to cope with, such as rust and dust, heat, sound deadening, corresponds to the needs to diversify. The running test equipment was introduced, tests related to performance, such as start-up resistance, we are working to improve the quality.

Air floating free Bear unit – PNEUMATICALLY ACTUATED UNIT –

All directions, while the setting of think

Transport and exact positioning of the jig-mold work is simple and speedy with little force. Transport of 1ton can transport 360 ° at will in the 300N (about 30kgf) or less of power. Pneumatic is compared with conventional hydraulic die lifter, not need a large-scale construction work at the time of introduction, the work environment clean. A rich line-up and a variety of installation of, you can take advantage in a wide range of environment.

Free Bear unit / table – FREEBEAR UNIT / TABLE –

Custom-made right man in the right place

Furibea having a free combination and, abundant variations. Transport of heavy, of course change of direction or workbench, etc., to meet with optimal functionality for any application and environment, also supports custom-made.

Clean Room Products – CLEAN ROOM –

From clean products, clean environment

Furibea for clean room, a clean room equipment in the factory, manufacturing consistently packing up from the assembly. From general-purpose plastics to super engineering plastics, it is ready for the extremely clean production line.
Quality that can respond to the special environment, of course, to meet on the size and material, request of delivery time.

Free Bear slider – FREEBEAR SLIDER –

X, it can also be linked to either the Y-direction

Mega slider appeared to not fall of the ball!
Its name is free Bear slider!
You can move the installed remains device!

Mega slider – MEGA SLIDER –

The ultra-large load of more than 50ton
freely slide

From seismic isolation mechanism of the buildings in a smooth movement of the ball Unusual system until the subtle change in the location of heavy contribution to society in a variety of fields.

Truck – UNI CARRY –

Dependable partner professionally recognized

The transport of luggage more easily, conveniently support. Durable, lightweight easy to handle, and exert a great power in a safe and speedy transport. Including the courier industry, it has been active in various fields of logistics industry.