3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Anaerobic Adhesives


Keep equipment and production up and running. When you need secure fits, 3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Anaerobic Adhesives offers a wide selection of properties to help save the time and cost of disruptive, unscheduled downtime due to leaks and loose fasteners.

For threadlocking, sealling, retaining, and gasketing, application is fast and easy with just targeted squeeze of a bottle or tube. In the absense of oxygen and in the presence of metal, the anaerobic formulation cures quickly to a polymer that seals, secures, and retains.


Prevent loosening

3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Threadlockers

Apply to nuts, bolts, and screws to prevent loosening from vibration and impact in such applications as gear housings, motor mounts, and sprinkler heads.

  • Fill and seal threads completely to help stop corrosion, rust, and leaks
  • Securely hold dissimilar metals
  • Choice of break and prevailing strengths
  • Tested Military specification: MIL-S-46163A

Tighten tolerances

3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Retaining Compounds

Bond and seal non-threaded, co-axial components such as bearings, gears, shafts, cylinder liners, and roters.

  • Tighten tolerances in worn bearing seats, keys, splines, tapers, shims, and shafts
  • Increase load-bearing characteristics of cylindrical joints to reduce assembly stresses and cost
  • Prevent fretting and corrosion

Fill voids

3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Gasket Makers

Fill and seal voids between metal flanges to eliminate pre-cut or compression gaskets.

  • Seal dissimilar metals without shrinkage
  • Metal-to-metal clamping without shimming effect or creeping
  • Pressure and solvent resistance
  • Save time and work of re-torquing
  • Cure to rigid or flexible seal

Seal instantly


3MTM Scotch-WeldTM Pipe Sealants

Seal instantly to stop leaks when applied to threads or compression fittings of most metal and certain plastic pipes. Replace traditional PTFE tapes and dope without shredding, evaporation, or shrinkage.

  • Seals and helps prevent the waste and mess of leaking hydraulic fluids, oil, fuel, and lubricants
  • Resists pressure, vibration, and expansion/contraction of temperature cycling
  • Apply to any pipe size, reducting the inventory of multiple size, easy-to-damage O-rings
  • Prevents galling