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TSUBAKIMOTO EMERSON,TEM Products Gear Motor, Motor Gear, Power Cylinder, Emerworm, Miter Gear, Hypoid Motor, DISCO motor gear, Cam Clutch, Torq gard, Shock Relay, Shock Monitor, Torque Limiter, Roller Chain, TOP Chain, Plastic Chain, Power Lock, Lini-power Jack, Overload Protection, Torque Limiter, Torq Gard, Shaft Coupling, Emer-Flex Coupling, Miter Gear Box, Hypoid Motor

TSUBAKI Cableveyor

tsubaki cableveyor

TKP Series

TKP0130W, TKP0170W, TKP0180W, TKP0250W, TKP0320W, TKP0350W, TKP0450W, TKP0580W, TKP0625W, TKP0680W

TKC Series

TKC0280W, TKC0340W, TKC0470W, TKC0850W

TKM Series

TKM0475W, TKM0650W, TKM0950W, TKM1250W

TK Series

TK070, TK095, TK130, TK180, TKF055, TKF085, TKF115, TKF175

TKR, TKE Series

TKR0200W40, TKR0200W60, TKR0200W80

TSUBAKI Gear Motor

tsubaki gear motor

GMTA Series

TSUBAKI Gear Motor GMTA 100, GMTA200, GMTA010, GMTA020,GMTA040, GMTA075, GMTA150

HMTA Series

TSUBAKI Gear Motor HMTA010, HMTA020, HMTA040, HMTA075, HMTA150, HMTA220, HMTA370

TSUBAKI Cam Clutch

tsubaki cam clutch

TL200-1, TL200-2, TL250-1, TL250-2, TL350-1, TL350-2, TL500-1, TL500-2, MZ15, MZ17, MZ20, MZ30, MZ45, MZ60, MZ-G, PB, B203, LD, BB, MG, MI, MX, MI-S, BS30, BS50, BS65, BR, TSB, TT-1X

TSUBAKI Power Lock

tsubaki power lock

AS Series PL019-047AS, PL019-047AE, AD Series, AE Series, RE Series

TSUBAKI Power Cylinder

tsubaki lini power jack

LPGA, LPGB, LPGC, 070, 100, 150, 300, LPTB, LPTC, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000

TSUBAKI Roller Chain

A roller chain series with significantly improved kW ratings capacity and enhanced performance relative to chain size and application.

tsubaki roller chain

RSĀ® Roller Chain
  • RS11SS
  • RS15
  • RS25
  • RS25-2
  • RS25-3
  • BF25H
  • RS37
  • RS38
  • RS41
  • RS35
  • RS35-2
  • RS35-3
  • RS40
  • RS40-2
  • RS40-3
  • RS40-4
  • RS40-5
  • RS40-6
  • RS50
  • RS50-2
  • RS50-3
  • RS50-4
  • RS50-5
  • RS50-6
  • RS60
  • RS60-2
  • RS60-3
  • RS60-4
  • RS60-5
  • RS60-6
  • RS80
  • RS80-2
  • RS80-3
  • RS80-4
  • RS80-5
  • RS80-6
  • RS100
  • RS100-2
  • RS100-3
  • RS100-4
  • RS100-5
  • RS100-6
  • RS120
  • RS120-2
  • vRS120-3
  • RS120-4
  • RS120-5
  • RS120-6
  • RS140
  • RS140-2
  • RS140-3
  • RS140-4
  • RS140-5
  • RS140-6
  • RS160
  • RS160-2
  • RS160-3
  • RS160-4
  • RS160-5
  • RS160-6
  • RS180
  • RS180-2
  • RS180-3
  • RS180-4
  • RS180-5
  • RS180-6
  • RS200
  • RS200-2
  • RS200-3
  • RS200-4
  • RS200-5
  • RS200-6
  • RS240
  • RS240-2
  • RS240-3
  • RS240-4
  • RS240-5
  • RS240-6
  • RS320T
  • RS320T-2
  • RS320T-3
  • RS320T-4
  • RS400T
  • RS400T-2
  • RS400T-3
  • RS400T-4

  • RS Plastic Chains

    A smaller chain pitch allows use of sprockets with a smaller outer diameter, reducing dead space between conveyors and transitioning goods more smoothly.

    D-shaped pins are also available for applications where the chain is used on its side or when conveyed goods come into contact with the side of the chain links.

    tsubaki rs plastic chain
    Snap Cover Chain
    Combination of steel base chain and plastic covers.
    Offers the same allowable load as Tsubaki standard steel conveyor chain.
    Even when they are placed directly on the chain itself, conveyed items are protected by the plastic covers.
    tsubaki Snap Cover Chain
    Conveyor design is simplified; suitable for conveying small items; lube-free operation is possible, and smaller sprockets can be used due to the short chain pitch.
    tsubaki RS-P
    RS-P type for curved conveyors (min. sideflex radius = 600mm)
    tsubaki RS-PU