TERAL Coolant Pump (FUJI ELECTRIC Coolant Pump)
VKD multi-stage type submerged pump head in the medium to high flow coolant pump

Common Specifications

How to Install Immersion
Impeller Multistage Number of Discs:
FC200: Material
Material discharge casing FC200
Guide vane material intermediate casing FC200
Diameter (mm) 40A, 50A
Frequency 50/60Hz
Pole number 2P
Viscosity limit use 75mm2/ s
Paint color Munsell N1
Standard IEC60034-1 CE marking
Degree of protection IP54
Rated voltage (V) 200/200, 220


Model Nominal output
Discharge rate
(L / min)
Total head
50Hz 60Hz 50Hz 60Hz
VKD111AA 0.75 80-300 100-400 8-4 12-4
VKD131AB 1.5 80-400 100-500 20-7 28-7
VKD141AC 2.2 80-400 100-500 29-9 40-9
VKD151AD 3.0 80-400 100-500 40-14 54-14

Lift and total discharge amount, 1mm viscosity 2 has been shown in value when tested in / s (same as Shimizu at room temperature). Also, please note that we can not use in water.