Standard Three-phase induction motor (for indoor)

Three Phase Motor (for indoor)

When the realization of an inverter-driven, constant torque operation. Fuji three-phase motor with enhanced environmental resistance and heat resistance

  • Low noise and vibration are achieved by thorough analysis and pursuit of contributing factors, employing the most advanced technologies.
  • Efficient cooling structures and high fill rate WINdings result in high motor efficiency.
  • Originally developed insulation systems and safety-enhanced protective structures ensure excellent durability.
  • Torque is kept constant during inverter operation to improve resistance to the environment and heat.
  • This is an RoHS-compliant and environment-friendly product in its standard configuration.

Standard Specification

Dree of protection Open drip-proof (IP22) Open (IP20) Totally-enclosed self-cooled (IP44)
Type Sheet-steel frame MRH MLH
Cast-steel frame MRA MLA
Aluminum frame MLC
Output range 0.4-200Kw 0.1-200Kw
Frame size 80M-280M 63M-315M
Rated voltage,rated frequency Item in-stock 37kW or less:200/(200 or 220)/or(380,400,415)/
(400,440,460) V,50/60Hz
45kW or more:200-400/(200-400 or 220-440) V
50/60Hz (12 terminal leads)
Made-to-order 200, 220, 350, 380, 400, 440, 500V, and other voltages up to 600V
Output rating S1 (Continuous)
Starting method 3.7kW or less: Direct-on-line (full voltage) starting
5.5kW or more: Star-delta starting
Thermal class 112M or less: E
132S-180M: B
180L or more: F
Rotational direction Counterclockwise viewed from Drive End (CCW)
Environmental condition
Ambient temperature -20°C to +40°C
Humidity 85% or less 100% or less
Altitude 1000m or less
Atmosphere Shall be free from corrosive gases, explosive gases, and vapor.
Terminal box
Location (Horizontal-mount) 200M or less :left side viewed from Drive End 225s or more :upper side 225s or less :Lower side 250s to 280M : left side viewed from Drive End
Cable entry (Horizontal-mount) 200M or less : Lower side 225s or left side viewed from Drive End 225s or less : Lower side 250s to 280M :left side viewed from Drive End
Variable at 90° intervals TEFC type’s frame 63M, 71M (0.1kW excluded): Upper-side and Lower side

Model & Specification

Type Models Output(Kw) Voltage Pole number
MLH8065M-2 sector (mounting feet) 0.2 200V 2-pole
MLH8085M-2 sector (mounting feet) 0.75 200V 2-pole
MLA8164A-2 sector (mounting feet) 11 200/200-220V 2-pole
MLA8165A-2 sector (mounting feet) 15 200/200-220V 2-pole
MLA8167A-2 sector (mounting feet) 18.5 200/200-220V 2-pole
MLA8185A-2 sector (mounting feet) 22 200/200-220V 2-pole
MLA8187A-2 sector (mounting feet) 30 200/200-220V 2-pole
MLA8206A-2 sector (mounting feet) 37 200/200-220V 2-pole
MLA8207A-2 sector (mounting feet) 45 200-400/200-400,220-440V 2-pole
MLA9220A-2 sector (mounting feet) 55 200-400/200-400,220-440V 2-pole
MLH8065P-2 sector (mounting flange) 0.2 200V 2-pole
MLH8085P-2 sector (mounting flange) 0.75 200V 2-pole
MLC8132C-2 sector (mounting flange) 5.5 200V 2-pole
MLA8133C-2 sector (mounting flange) 7.5 200V 2-pole
MLA8164C-2 sector (mounting flange) 11 200/200-220V 2-pole
MLA8165C-2 sector (mounting flange) 15 200/200-220V 2-pole
MRA9205A-4 Drip-proof protection form (attached feet) 55 200V/400V (double voltage specification) 4-pole
MRA9221A-4 Drip-proof protection form (attached feet) 75 200V/400V (double voltage specification) 4-pole
MLA8165A-4 sector (mounting feet) 11 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8167A-4 sector (mounting feet) 15 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8184A-4 sector (mounting feet) 18.5 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8185A-4 sector (mounting feet) 22 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8187A-4 sector (mounting feet) 30 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8206A-4 sector (mounting feet) 37 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8207A-4 sector (mounting feet) 45 200-400/200-400,220-440V 4-pole
MLA9221A-4 sector (mounting feet) 55 200-400/200-400,220-440V 4-pole
MLH8065P-4 sector (mounting flange) 0.2 200V 4-pole
MLC8107C-4 sector (mounting flange) 2.2 200V 4-pole
MLA8133C-4 sector (mounting flange) 5.5 200V 4-pole
MLA8135C-4 sector (mounting flange) 7.5 200V 4-pole
MLA8165C-4 sector (mounting flange) 11 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8167C-4 sector (mounting flange) 15 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8184C-4 sector (mounting flange) 18.5 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8185C-4 sector (mounting flange) 22 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8187C-4 sector (mounting flange) 30 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8206C-4 sector (mounting flange) 37 200/200-220V 4-pole
MLA8133A-6 sector (mounting feet) 3.7 200V 6-pole
MLA8165A-6 sector (mounting feet) 7.5 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8167A-6 sector (mounting feet) 11 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8185A-6 sector (mounting feet) 15 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8186A-6 sector (mounting feet) 18.5 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8187A-6 sector (mounting feet) 22 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8206A-6 sector (mounting feet) 30 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8207A-6 sector (mounting feet) 37 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA9221A-6 sector (mounting feet) 45 200-400/200-400,220-440V 6-pole
MLA9251A-6 sector (mounting feet) 55 200V/400V (double voltage specification) 6-pole
MLH8075P-6 sector (mounting flange) 0.2 200V 6-pole
MLH8097P-6 sector (mounting flange) 0.75 200V 6-pole
MLA8133C-6 sector (mounting flange) 3.7 200V 6-pole
MLA8165C-6 sector (mounting flange) 7.5 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8167C-6 sector (mounting flange) 11 200/200-220V 6-pole
MLA8133A-4-400V sector (mounting feet) 5.5 400V 4-pole
MLA8165A-4-400V sector (mounting feet) 11 380-400-415/400-440-460V 4-pole
MLA8167A-4-400V sector (mounting feet) 15 380-400-415/400-440-460V 4-pole
MLA8184A-4-400V sector (mounting feet) 18.5 380-400-415/400-440-460V 4-pole
MLA8185A-4-400V sector (mounting feet) 22 380-400-415/400-440-460V 4-pole
MLA8187A-4-400V sector (mounting feet) 30 380-400-415/400-440-460V 4-pole
MLA8206A-4-400V sector (mounting feet) 37 380-400-415/400-440-460V 4-pole
MLA8133C-4-400V sector (mounting flange) 5.5 400V 4-pole
MLA8135C-4-400V sector (mounting flange) 7.5 400V 4-pole